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quadcopter drone have 4 motors, each motor have their speed.In this game, you control the 4 motors individually. they have speed value from 0 to 255. each motor's speed will determine the drone's movement. the average of 4 motors determine the altitude. The altitude will increase if the average is more than 128. And decreased if the average less than 128. Keep the altitude more than 0 and below 500.

Up arrow to speed up motor a
right arrow to speed up motor b
down arrow to speed up motor c
left arrow to speed up motor d
hold shift with arrow key to decrease the speed of motor
r to restart the game

the map is just a plain black and white bitmap file. You can create your own map by using microsoft windows paint or similar program. Just create the image with 1366x768 resolution. The starting point will always be on the upper left corner of image. the finishing point will be marked with pure green color (0 on red, 255 on green, and 0 on blue).

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